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A denture is a removable prosthesis that is custom made for your mouth. If you've lost a number of teeth and find eating or speaking difficult due to this, you may want to consider a denture.
There are other ways of replacing teeth such as a bridge or an implant, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but generally speaking for large gaps of teeth a denture is the most suitable method of replacement.

They can be made of different materials, most commonly 'plastic' (acrylic) or 'metal' (cobalt-chromium); again each having advantages and disadvantages. In some cases metal clasps may be used to help hold the denture in place.
If you cannot tolerate these clasps or are not happy with their appearance, there is a type of denture that has 'invisible' clasps and blends in with your gums (see below). They also have the advantage of being flexible (see below) and may be more comfortable for you. However they may be inferior in other aspects to plastic or metal dentures and we usually only recommend them if you cannot tolerate these.

As always your dentist will be more than happy to discuss all the options with you.

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