White Fillings
Tooth Whitening


There are a number of different methods of whitening teeth.
At Southwater Dental Practice we carry out all teeth whitening by a method known as nightguard vital bleaching. It uses a plastic mould that is custom made to fit your teeth (nightguard) with spaces created for the whitening gel. The gel we recommend for use is a low percentage (usually 10%) carbamide peroxide, which has been shown to be completely safe to use for whitening teeth when used properly. The plastic mould is worn at nights with the gel, or for 2 hours during the day. Results can be expected to be seen within a few weeks, depending on the shade of teeth initially, and the desired shade you are looking for. Your dentist will arrange to see you on a regular basis to see your progress and give you any necessary advice.

Although this is a safe procedure, some patients may develop mild sensitivity of teeth during and after the whitening phase. This is usually temporary and your dentist will be able to advise you of actions to take if this happens.

You may have also heard about 'power bleaching' or similar procedures that are carried out while you're at your dentist. We do not recommend any of these methods as we believe (based on research) the most effective and safe method is nightguard bleaching. While you may see immediate results with 'power bleaching', the results usually last for a shorter period and is more damaging to teeth.

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